How to Download Subtitles in VLC Media Player Automatically

How to Download Subtitles in VLC Media Player AutomaticallyDownloading Subtitles for each time for a new movie can really be a gruesome task. However subtitles help to clear the word differences and help us enjoy movie since some languages are not understood which subtitles help to understand. In this tutorial I am going to provide a great method that helps you to download the subtitles automatically in VLC Media Player just by the name of your movie. This is a great technique that helps you to choose from a list of subtitles that is well suited to your requirements.

How to Download Subtitles in VLC Media Player Automatically

Download Subtitles Automatically in VLC Media Player

#1 Firstly, you need to have the Vlsub Extension in your PC which you can download from this Link. Now extract the .zip files to the address shown below in the screenshot. Do not forget to extract the file in the Extensions Folder

Extension Folder

#2 Now Play any movie of your choice in VLC Media Player and Click on the View Tab>>Download Subtitles

Download Subtitles

#3 Now you can search the subtitles according to the name by putting the Title of your movie and choose accordingly

Search Results

#4 Now the video will start playing with the subtitles you have requested.

So the above post adequately provides a great way to Download Subtitles Automatically in VLC Media Player. You can check and try this method and if you face any difficulty, leave a comment below.

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