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Infolinks Review 2017. Infolinks is one of the best advertising networks till date and its setup is highly easy. The major advantage of Infolinks is that it can be used with Google Adsense without any problem because it does not violate any of its rules. And if you use them with any of the adsense alternatives, you can make a great income and multiply your revenues manifolds. So without any more delay let’s start with the basics of Infolinks. You first need to sign up for Infolinks

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This title is not at all misleading and you can make huge amounts of money with Infolinks. You just need to be directed to a right direction. You need to know that Infolinks is a type of Contextual Ads displaying company.

Infolinks Review 2017

Infolinks Review 2017

Before we proceed any further I want you to take a look at this advertisement below which will clear all your doubts regarding its working:

Types of Ads:

#1 Intext

Intext ads are one’s with underlined text ads which means that if you enable these ads,they select any word of the paragraph in your posts,underline it and displays a suitable ad related to that keyword. It is usually displayed with a double or dotted way which is your choice obviously. It’s a clean way to show ads as it works when the users hovers its mouse pointer over it. You can also control the no. of ads to be displayed.

#2 Infold

Infold ads shows a rectangular type window displayed as the user hovers near to the bottom of  the page. It is another way of showing banner type ads and does not interfere with the normal functioning of the website. Infold ads are shown are mobile responsive and can be seen at same places as visible on the website’s desktop version.

#3 Intag

Well I can say that I love this style more than any other layouts because it displays the ads like the Adsense’s style. Also there is an option for boost revenue which once activated shows sponsored links by Taboola hosted by Infolinks. It offers various customisation styles like the how much lines do you want(2 is the highest) and you can also change the colors of the text.

#4 Inframe

This is a highly customisable layout and a unique one too which cannot be seen in other ads Network. It works by using the extra margin space around the website to display the ads.Again it is attractive so its major disadvantage comes with the visitor focusing less towards the written content and more towards the Ads.

#5 Inscreen

Last but not the least Inscreen layout works in a flash type advertising system i.e it shows the visitor a flash Ad in the starting or end or during any interval specified by the publisher.It is a great way of deriving all the attention of the visitor all of a sudden to the Ad and if the visitor finds it interesting he may click the Ad or close it.

How to Sign-Up for Infolinks:

The signup process for Infolinks is quite easy and just take few minutes. Follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Firstly you need to Register for the Infolinks Account

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Step 2 : Then you need to enter all your details including your website’s URL.

Step 3: Then the authorities will inspect your website before approving your account.This process may take 1-2 days.

Step 4: Meanwhile you need to install a WordPress Plugin(or copy the code on website if using blogger or any other platform) which starts showing your Ads once your account gets approved.

Step 5: That’s it you are done. Once your account gets approved the plugin automatically starts showing ads on your website.

Infolinks Earnings and Payments:

Infolinks use all payment methods from Paypal to Wire Transfer and echeck etc. but the thresholds for wire transfer is $100 dollars while other works well with $50.The payments are processed every 45 days after the end of month i.e if you start your earnings in January you get paid  in March-Mid.

Referral Program:

So finally I need to talk about their referral program which is quite awesome as anyone who sign up with Infolinks with your referral ID, you get paid around 10% of the total revenue by the company for the first 12 Months.


Infolinks is great way of monetising your website or blog and the best advantage is that you can view all your final earnings and assessments in the Infolinks Dashboard. Also they have mobile apps for the same which make the process super-easy.

So, this pretty much sums up the tutorial on Infolinks Review 2017. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and to your knowledge, there are several other advertising networks out there, so  don’t forget to consider them. If you face any difficulty, comment below.

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