Youtube Black Screen Error Fix in Chrome

Youtube Black Screen Error Fix. It is not common to see this error however some people while streaming a Youtube video in their google chrome browser must sometimes have suffered through this error. What really happens is that when you start to stream a Youtube video online, you are not able to see the video instead you see a black screen but the audio works perfectly well.

It is just a Google Chrome internal error and can be easily fixed through a slight changes in the Google Chrome settings. In this tutorial I have explained the fastest and the most easy way to Youtube Black Screen Error Fix. Just follow these steps:

Youtube Black Screen Error Fix in Google Chrome

Youtube Black Screen Error Fix

# Firstly you need to go to Google Chrome Address bar and type chrome://flags

Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags

# Then search for Hardware-accelerated video decode using Ctrl+F command and enable it



# When Enabled, you need to click on Relaunch Now button



That’s it, you are done. Now you will be able to properly stream video on the Youtube.

So the above post describes the best way to Youtube Black Screen Error Fix in Google Chrome. By following this method, you will not see the the black screen again. If you face any difficulty, please post your queries below.

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