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Plan & Solutions

Febron is an award-winning hair building fiber available in 11 shades for both men and women. Initially, we developed a website for the client but it became so successful venture that the client asked us to develop a mobile application too. The app has a premium and up-market theme, color scheme to go with the brand. The app boasts of complete e-commerce functionality. Users can get replies to their queries by our integrated online chat feature, The site is fully dynamic and interactive in nature. The app has been optimized for faster loading and higher performance, it is built on the most popular Android platform using Android Studio, Android SDK, Kotlin and Java.

Login/ Sign-up Screen

Users can register themselves on the app either by e-mail or by their Facebook account. Already registered users can log in to the app by filling in right credentials.

Category Screen

This screen displays all the product categories that are available for buying on the app.

Product Detail Screen

Users can buy the selected product using this screen by selecting quality and desired color. It alos shows other product related information like: how to apply, ingredients, revies of other users.


Admin Dashboard

Interactive admin dashboard with graphs and charts to monitor vital stats and KPIs


Seamless checkout system with minimum clicks to buy a product

Customer Feedback

Easy product ratings and reviews: Shows customer feedback directly on the product page


Users can leave their comments on these blogs which are published after approval from the admin

B2B Booking

Wholesale request form for the customers who want to order the products in bulk quantity

Upselling & Cross-selling

Shows related products to help customers find complementary products or encourage them to purchase more

Technology Stack


Apple Pay

Google Pay

Android SDK




App Screens

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